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Welcome to the Hallucination Engine.

In the great Hallucination Wars, an evil rogue scientist and his robot army battle against his prodigal son and a SciFiDelic carnival world full of clowns and other strange creatures for intergalactic dominance…

Each episode runs like a video, reads like a comic, and looks and sounds like a movie.

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“It’s like if Rob Zombie directed Cirque du Soleil. But in space.”


Dr. Hym

The Mad Scientist

When the renegade BioPhlemix scientist, Dr. HYM turns his genetically-mutated son Oppenheimer into an operating system to run his Hallucination Engine to create new worlds at the speed of thought.


The Source

Oppenheimer manages to escape into his own hallucination hiding in the very strange SciFiDelic Carnival world he created.

Exploding Thing

Freedom Vs. Oppression

In the war that follows, clowns and robots battle it out for the future freedom of all life as father and son face off in the age old battle of freedom versus oppression. But can Oppenheimer overthrow his father’s tyranny, without becoming a tyrant himself?

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