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About Hallucination Engine

Hallucination Engine was conceived many moons ago when creator, Floyd Mc Feely, wrote the “Entire History of the Weird according to Super Geek League” (unpublished) that centered around the basic concept of a machine that renders all thoughts and dreams instantaneously into physical reality. This God-like machine provided the operating paradigm for Floyd to create the characters and mythologies of Super Geek League and it’s legendary live productions. Over the next 15 years, Super Geek League’s incredible journey eventually culminated in the off-broadway production of Hallucination Engine for LiveNation and AIG in May of 2017.

Hallucination Engine’s off-broadway debut featured the first live act to incorporate real-time VR thanks to the brilliant work of WonderTek Labs. This application allowed fans inside the venue to watch the show live on stage from the perspective of the performers. This innovative approach inspired Mc Feely to continue working with WonderTek to explore and develop new and exciting ways of telling the Hallucination Engine story, given the limitations and constraints of producing a full-blown epic odyssey onstage.

Over the next year, The Team started down the path of crafting the story for more robust VR applications, which eventually led Mc Feely to land on the idea of producing a digital comic series seeking out John Gallagher (aka Uncannyknack) as lead production artist to help bring the vision to life. Over the next 2 years, Mc Feely and Gallagher worked non-stop creating the artwork and assets for the first series. This series gradually evolved into the immersive audio-enhanced motion graphic novel experience we proudly debut today.

Hallucination Engine is an original production of Super Geek League c/o SGL Enterprises LLC which is an independently owned and operated company. Hallucination Engine is a for-profit business which means its success and continued growth are up to YOU the fans. We have a fierce desire and attitude towards Do It Yourself culture and approach, which is paramount to our success. Our goal is to continue to build a community of fans, one fan at a time that has as much fun as we do. So that we may, in turn, continue to develop and provide quality content and inspiring experiences.

We hope this finds you well! Enjoy.