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About Hallucination Engine

Hallucination Engine is a Graphic Novel Experience based on the characters and mythology of SciFi-Action-Adventure Circus Super Geek League by its founder and creator, Floyd Mc Feely, and illustrator and artist John Gallagher (aka Uncannyknack)

The Graphic Novel Experience consists of a printed Graphic Novel, digital comics, and a custom BonkaPedia to act as a reference or glossary.

Each Series consists of individual digital comics called Issues. The Issues in a Series create the Graphic Novel. The Digital Issues are available exclusively on the website. These Digital Issues combine audio with motion graphics to create an immersive cinematic experience.

The Digital Issues run like a video, reads like a comic, and looks and sounds like a movie. These Issues bring the story to life using narration and character voice-overs, scored against a musical score. This score includes original music from Super Geek League . To coincide with the soundtrack, we added animation and special scifidelic effects to enhance the visual experience.

Hallucination Engine is an original production of Super Geek League c/o SGL Enterprises LLC, an independently owned and operated company. Hallucination Engine is a for-profit business which means its success and continued growth are up to you, the fans. We have a fierce desire and attitude towards Do It Yourself culture and approach, which is paramount to our success. Our goal is to continue to build a community of fans, one fan at a time, that has as much fun as we do. So that we may, in turn, continue to develop and provide quality content and inspiring experiences.

We hope this finds you well! BONK!