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Aeon: Space Angel Mother

Name: Aeon

Origin: Space Angel Race

Role: Space Angel Mother of Yob Tobor

Appears in: Season 2

Associates: Yob Tobor, Archon Goddinpotty, Dr. HYM, BioPhlemix

Originating from the ancient Space Angel Race, Aeon is the mother of Yob Tobor, as a result of an unlawful union with an Archon Goddinpotty. This sordid love affair was in direct violation of BioPhlemix eugenics code causing Aeon to lose her wings and be forever grounded.

As with all unlawful procreation, Yob Tobor was claimed as property of the empire to be developed as an asset of the state. Humiliated and broken, Aeon was forced to honor her sentence supporting the development of her son under the tutelage and direction of the empire.

Aeon served her sentence willingly and obediently out of the pure love of her son. Despite her pain and resentment, Aeon would continue to serve the empire in the interests of protecting her most prized possession, no matter the cost.


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