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Agent Dryak - Commander of K9 Interceptor

Name: Agent Dryak

Origin:  BioPhlemix 

Role: Commander of K9 Interceptor

Appears in: Season 1

Associates: Biophlemix,  K9 Interceptor units, Enord Mecha, Alsetalokin, Nahk Sihgneg, Icnivad

Agent Dryak is the commanding officer of BioPhlemix K9 Interceptor unit, patrolling star-star systems for unauthorized vessels or travelers.

Like other Interceptor Commanders, Agent Dryak is responsible for the overall command and operations of the Interceptors and her crew. These Interceptor units are the police and intelligence units of the Empire operating on the front lines of interstellar travel.

In addition to being a fully combat-ready starship, Interceptors can genetically scan and index lifeforms to categorize and identify alien creatures.

They also can read any lifeforms BioFilm using Interrogator units which allows them to probe the deepest secrets of any subject’s thoughts, memories, or even dreams.


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