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Alsetalokin: BioPhlemix Engineer

Name: Alsetalokin

Origin: BioPhlemix 

Role: BioPhlemix Lifeform Engineer

Appears in: Season 1

Associates: BioPhlemix Engineering Team, Agent Dryak, Nahk Sihgneg, Enord Mecha

Alsetalokin is the Chief BioPhlemix Engineer, responsible for building and implementing new radical lifeforms using the augmented Master Code.

Alsetalokin and his core of engineers, build new technologies for the continued proliferation and dominance of the BioPhlemix Empire.

Alsetalokin is considered one of the original consciousnesses of BioPhlemix, having successfully uploaded his consciousness to A.I machines back in the early 21st Century.

Alsetalokin was believed to be one of the engineers responsible for figuring out how to successfully transfer human consciousness to silicon-based machines, which allowed humans to make the quantum leap into transhumanism.


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