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Apocalypsis: Ghetto of Dead Dreams

With the machines of industry assimilating carnival rides in the construction of Octa-Primus, anything else that was considered irrelevant by the Order was cast out of the city into the vast growing Carnival Junkyards that would eventually provide the foundations for Apocalypsis or the Ghetto of Dead Dreams.

Apocalypsis is the name of these ever-expanding ghettos were not only discarded carnival rides and games were disposed of, but also the many creatures who were forced to live amongst the discarded.

The ghettos were originally founded by the Troubadour Clowns who were forced out of the city by the Order because their music was considered a distraction. The Troubadours eventually devolved into the Disgustoids, who became the overlords for the entire ghetto.

Shortly thereafter, due to the over-production of the BONK Factories, the SciFiMimes became the majority in the ghettos creating a booming dystopia festering on the fringes of Octa-Primus.


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