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BONK Factory: BONK Harvesting and Processing

At the end of the Clown Down Experience, clowns find themselves inside a giant factory hooked up to machines that continue to artificially stimulate to produce BONK.

These tickle machines and other contraptions were invented by Minkles as the final act in his clown-milking opus. These clowns would continue to laugh and giggle as if it were all part of the Clown Down Experience, oblivious to the fact that they were being sucked dry of their very essence.

The flowers that produce the BONK are hooked up to giant siphoning machines that collect and store BONK into giant storage vats. BONK is then synthesized into an aerosol form that is then placed into Evaporators for continued and sustained huffing. Clowns are stimulated until they can no longer produce any more BONK, at which point they turn into SciFiMimes.


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