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BONK!: Essence of Clown

BONK is the very essence of all indigenous clowns created by The Source. BONK is the lifeblood that gives clowns youthful vigor and enthusiasm, which is the very essence of their life force. BONK is a sweet and delicious juicy cotton-candy flavored substance that has an intoxicating aroma.

BONK! is generated through play and activity where Clowns discharge excessive BONK! via a SciFiDelic Flower from their chest. Some clowns, like Shocko, can produce BONK on command and will use it as a part of their ongoing shenanigans and hijinx, while others need more stimulation and activity.

BONK is so valuable that entire species, such as the Disgustoids, focus their entire purpose around the harvesting and processing of the precious juice.

Furthermore, Minkles manages to use the precious resource to power his machines to produce and create even more potent BONK!


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