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BonkaDonka: Carnival City

Original Hallucination of the Source constructed by the G-Nomes, BonkaDonka is the first city on Tera 5. This is considered some of Oppenheimer’s most ambitious work, drawing inspiration from genetic archives of the Master Code to build this great carnival city.

Oppenheimer has a proclivity towards Carnival culture building a twisted and chaotic labyrinth of roller coaster’s, merry-go-rounds, fun houses, carnival rides and Big Top Tents designed to entertain the indigenous, SciFiDelic Clowns. Bonkadonka is a play land for Oppenheimer’s clown children, who he only wants to see at play, vicariously living out a childhood he could never have.

BonkaDonka is in perpetual development with armies of G-Nomes working to upkeep and render the visions directly generated from The Source.


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