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BubbleGorp: SCiFiDelic Birds

BubbleGorps are the only bird-like creatures found in SciFidelica. although they are incapable of flight, BubbleGorp’s are large and very uncoordinated creatures that bounce around aimlessly drunk on Gnar Gnar fruit which is produced from the Octarbor’s. This would explain why they seem to always nest nearby.

BubbleGorp produces large, scifidelic, swirly eggs that they lay under SciFiDelic Trees, which are protected by the Cycloptians. These eggs are an incredibly powerful narcotic that once properly synthesized, produces an enormous amount of energy and power.

BubbleGorp eggs are so powerful that they are sought out by Minkles to create BOINK! which is used on Clowns to produce massive amounts of highly concentrated BONK. This highly charged BONK provides the rocket fuel for many of Minkles inventions and creations.


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