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Carnival Junkyard: The dumping grounds of the Order

As the Order of the Octa-Mind violently and abruptly changes the very face of Bonkadonka, massive structures, carnival rides, and midways games were discarded outside the city creating mountains of trash that would eventually serve as the building blocks for the expansive networks of Apocalypsis.

The Junkyard is the place where the Troubadours began to rebuild their world after being driven into exile. The Junkyard eventually became home to Minkles and his Dead Museum Workshop, where he uses the vast treasures from the Junkyard to build the technologies of the BONK Industry for the Disgustoid Cartel. This includes the BONK Factory, Grinders, and Lucy Lurers, and the very evaporator devices that allow Disgustoids to huff powdered BONK on a sustainable basis. All of these incredible riches and inventions are a direct result of the Carnival Junkyard.

The Junkyard is also an incredible hiding place for stowaways and fugitives looking to hide from the Order or Cartel.


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