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Crackopillars: Carnivorous Slugs

Hallucinated during one of Oppenheimer’s unfortunate bad trips, the Crackopillars are one of the few creatures on Tera 5 that go through an evolutionary cycle. The Crackopillars are carnivorous slugs that feed on G-Nomes to build a cocoon to host metamorphosis.

These creatures sing cute and cuddly lullabies to lure the G-Nomes close enough to sink their powerful jaws into flesh. Once they have a hold of the G-Nome, they produce a powerful neurotoxin from their mouth that renders prey completely paralyzed.

Once paralysis kicks in, the G-Nome’s body is used to host a cocoon where the Crackopillars hibernates for the next stage of metamorphosis.

Crackopillars are indigenous to the SciFiDelic Forests and Wazzoolu lands where they are constantly singing haunting lullabies in hopes of attracting G-Nomes.


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