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Disgustoids: Mutant Clowns

Disgustoids were once proud and accomplished clown Troubadours who performed the musical soundtrack that surrounded BonkaDonka. These Troubadours were driven out by the Order once Clown music was considered unnecessary and effectively outlawed.

Unable to feel any joy, these unfortunate souls were forced to feed on their own, drawing them into the Ghettos by performing outlawed tunes. Unable to produce, the Transadours had to find ways to harvest and preserve BONK captured from other clowns.

Minkles gathered parts from the piles of junk discarded from the city to create the technology to harvest BONK, these clowns began a dark and sinister descent to the basic cores of survival completely killing their sweet and playful clown nature.

Solely focused on the harvesting of BONK for survival, the Disgustoids rule over Apocalypsis with an iron fist dedicating all resources towards the production, distribution, and control of BONK.


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