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Elavorian: Minkles Immortal Beloved

Name: Elavorian

Origin: Tera 5Apocalypsis

Role: SciFiMime

Appears in: Season 1

Associates: SciFiMimes, Minkles, EvoMimes

Hailing from Apocalypsis, Elavorian is a SciFiMime with an uncanny knack for survival. Unlike her brethren, which have been pushed to the brink of extinction or forced into labor, Elavorian’s keen instincts and resourcefulness keep her from the hands of the Disgustoid Cartel and into the heart of Minkles.

Elavorian has witnessed many atrocities at the hands of Disgustoids which would explain her skittish and lycanthropic nature. However, as reclusive and paranoid she may be, Elavorian is unique in her steely resolve and insatiable drive to survive.

Having survived as long as she has, Elavorian has witnessed and experienced many things which makes her a dangerous adversary to the her enemies and a powerful ally for those who oppose the Disgustoid Cartel.


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