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Enord Mecha: Controller of K9 Interceptor

Name: Enord Mecha

Origin: BioPhlemix 

Role: Controller of the K9 Interceptor unit

Appears in: Season 1

Associates: Agent Dryak, K9 Interceptor Units, BioPhlemix, Alsetalokin, Nahk Signeg, Icnivad

Enord Mecha is the controller of the K9 Interceptor starship, serving under Agent Dryak. Enord Mecha is Agent Dryak’s right hand serving the intelligence gathering, navigation and other mission critical activities.

The Controller is responsible for running mission control for the K9 Interceptor Units as they patrol star systems looking for alien intruders or unlawful activities.

Controllers operate the K9 Interceptors starships navigation and communication systems under the command of Commanders like Agent Dryak.

Controllers are the central nervous systems to Interceptors, which makes them a critical component to BioPhlemix’s ability to maintain order throughout the universe.


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