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EvoMime: Combat Mimes

Name: EvoMime

Origin: Tera 5Apocalypsis

Role: Combat Mimes

Appears in: Season 1

Associates: SciFiMimes, EvoMimes, Elavorian, Minkles, Skoodle

Foraged in the Carnival of Carnage, the EvoMimes is a small collection of SciFiMimes that managed to develop defensive measures to combat the Cholf inside the 3-Rings of Death.

Scavenging pieces of sharp metal to craft blades, the EvoMimes turn their hands into razor sharp fingers used to slash and puncture flesh. The EvoMimes mastered the ability to walk on stilts to create the illusion of being larger, more ominous intimidating opponents.

Furthermore, they fastened chain mail that connects from the wrists and choker collars used to ensnarl prey, to deliver fatal blows from their blade fingers.

The EvoMimes are revered and widely-recognized as the renegade combatants of Apocalypsis, not to be underestimated or taken lightly.

They are the spark of hope for a dying race choosing to fight instead of being mindlessly slaughtered.


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