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G-Nomes: World Builders of Tera 5

G-Nomes are the world builders for hallucinations on Tera 5. Smoking their unicorn pipes filled with unicorn dust, G-Nomes have direct access to The Source, where they execute the visions for structures and installations generated via the Hallucination Engine.

Due to the chaotic nature of life on Tera 5, G-Nomes are constantly building, as well as, rebuilding and fixing damaged structures.

Furthermore, G-Nomes are responsible for building and implementing structures and installations throughout the Magic Castle Lands in the service of the Grand Wazoo. This would include the Grand Hall at the center of Magic Castle Lands.

Despite their reliability and diligence, G-Nomes are notorious for working hard and playing even harder. On the darker side, G-Nomes are playful tricksters with insatiable greed tricking creatures out of worldly possessions.


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