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Goddinpotty: Archon Father of Dr. HYM

One of the original dark energies of the universe, Archons are synthetic dark creatures that feed on positive natural energies and lifeforms.

These Archons were eventually conquered and enslaved by the BioPhlemix Empire, who use them to feed and control the more advanced civilizations so that they always maintain a certain ceiling in their development and growth. Archons are the dark balance to basic life energy.

Goddinpotty is an Archon who managed to seduce Aeon, a Space Angel, whose race is also one of the original forces in the universe responsible for seeding worlds with the divine Master Code.

Space Angels are the antithesis of life-affirming divine forces against the dark synthetic energies of the Archons. Goddinpotty and Aeon’s unlawful love affair produced the next great quantum level in intergalactic evolution when they managed to procreate Yob Tobor who would eventually grow up to become the infamous Dr. HYM.


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