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Icnivad: BioPhlemix Chairman of the High Council

Name: Icnivad

Origin: BioPhlemix Chairman of the High Council

Role: Chairman of the high Council

Appears in: Season 1

Associates: BioPhlemix, Dr. HYM, Agent Dryak

One the highest ranking member of the BioPhlemix, Icnivad serves as Chairman of the High Council responsible for overseeing the continued domination and proliferation of the empire.

Being one of the first original Transhumans to successfully achieve immortality, Icnivad is incredibly wise and cunning, which would explain why he was able to rise to the highest ranks of the empire.

Icnivad was one of the first elites to take the quantum leap of transferring his consciousness to a silicon-based machines.

Being an innovator and true pioneer, Icnivad managed to grow and evolve into an incredibly powerful transhuman. This would explain why he continued to maintain his position as one of the highest ranking elites of the BioPhlemix Empire.


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