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McKook Twins: Trickster of The Nova Family Bizarre

Name: McKook Twins

Origin: Tera 5, Nova Family Bizarre, BonkaDonka

Role: Tricksters

Appears in: Season 1

Associates: Nova Family Bizarre, Disgustoid Cartel

McKook Twins are the unruly tricksters of The Nova Family Bizarre, who like to play tricks on both contemporaries and patrons alike.

Constantly playing jokes and throwing a monkey wrench in the program for their twisted sense of humor, the McKook Twins are more of a nuisance than actual entertainment.

McKook Twins are very narcissistic which drives them into a strategic partnership with the Disgustoid Cartel. After they develop a taste for synthesized BONK, the McKook Twins know no allegiance or loyalty, other than serving their desires and needs.

They will do anything to protect themselves and their interests regardless of who gets hurt.


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