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Mega-Ming: Chancellor of the Order

Name: Mega-Ming

Origin: Tera 5, Order of the Octa-Mind, Octa-Primus

Role: Chancellor of the Order

Appears in: Season 1

Associates: Order of the Octa-Mind, Dr. HYM

Assuming command over the Hallucination Engine, Dr. HYM establishes order on Tera 5 by implementing his Robot Regime called the Order of the Octa-Mind.

As part of this new order, Dr. HYM creates the key lieutenants to manage operations on Tera 5. Mega-Ming is created to act as Chancellor for the Order of the Octa-Mind, acting as high commander.

Mega Ming deliberates instructions and orders to the other key lieutenants of the Order directly from Dr. HYM.

Mega-Ming is the central nervous system for the Order, acting as the principal deliberator and voice of ultimate reason within the dysfunctional Order of the Octa Mind.


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