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Mensurae: Key Master

Name: Mensurae

Origin: Tera 5, Master Clock, Order of the Octa-Mind, Octa-Primus

Role: Keymaster of the Master Clock

Appears in: Season 2

Associates: Order of the Octa-Mind, Dr. HYM, Mega Ming, Xion, Surveyo, HammerDom, Cyclone

As a central component to the Order, a Master Clock is created in the heart of Octa-Primus to introduce the institution of Time. This Master Clock is used to create the foundations of law and order out of chaos by using Time as a system of measurement and control.

With this new technology, the Order can now effectively implement its system of total and absolute domination and enslavement over the indigenous life forms of Tera 5.

The Master Clock is operated by the Keymaster, Mensurae, who is the only robot who can operate the Master Clock. As Keymaster, Mensurae possesses the power to control the flow of time to alter events.

Mensurae serves as a critical member in the Order of the Octa-Mind.


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