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Nova Top: Nova Family Bizarre Big Top

Located on the outskirts of Bonkadonka, the Nova Top is the Nova Family Bizarre’s Big Top Tent, where they perform for the indigenous clowns of BonkaDonka.

Originally hallucinated by The Source, Nova Top is the main attraction featuring a circus-style show including the AlphaNovas’ death-defying high-wire acts; Taf Tellub’s Cannonball act; Team Strong feats of incredible strength; Alpha Showtime’s contortionist and acro-balancing acts and the hi-jinx of the McKook Twins. Drawing from the annals of the Master Code, Oppenheimer created the Nova Family Bizarre too, not only entertain himself but his clown children.

Shows are constantly going on inside the tent, which means there is always a flurry of activity of clowns and G-Nomes in and around the Nova Top, making it one of the most active and dynamic places in the City.


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