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Oppenheimer: The Source

Name: Oppenheimer

Origin: Tera 5, Dr. HYM

Role: The Source

Appears in: Season 1

Associates: Dr. HYM, Minkles, Luna

In an attempt to accelerate the replication of his genetic code, Dr. HYM accidentally creates a genetic mutant son, Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer was born without the ability to speak. Furthermore, Oppenheimer’s hideous blob-like appearance doesn’t allow for any mobility other then the movement of his tentacles which serve no actual purpose.

However, despite these defects, Oppenheimer does possess an incredible imagination and powerful intellect. This incredible imagination becomes the source of all creation on Tera 5 via the Hallucination Engine.

As a result, Oppenheimer is referred to as The Source. Being the Operating System for his father’s quest for intergalactic dominance, Oppenheimer longs for freedom, not only from his father, but ultimately, his own crippled body and tortured soul.


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