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SciFiDelica: The SciFiDelic Forests of Tera 5

The first hallucination successfully generated on Tera 5 during the initial Genesis Events of the Hallucination Engine. Oppenheimer created a vast SciFidelic Forest of amazing plant and animal life under electric peppermint rainbow skies, giving birth to a whole new world.

SciFidelic Flowers are the dominant fauna in the forest rendering several different types of species. In addition to the SciFiDelic Flowers, the Octarbor’s are the other dominant plant forms in the forest making for a truly bizarre and colorful landscape teeming with life.

SciFidelica is also home to the majestic Unicorns, G-Nomes, Cycloptians, CryptoGoblins, BubbleGorps, Pandorgs and Crackopillars to name a few. All of these creatures work in a chaotic symbiosis with the exotic plants based on the twisted dynamics of a child-like brain that is the Source.


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