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Surveyo: Intelligence and Surveillance Robot

Name: Surveyo

Origin: Tera 5, Octa-Primus

Role: Intelligence and Surveillance Robot

Appears in: Season 1

Associates: The Order of the Octa-Mind

To control the population of Tera 5, The Order required a system of Intelligence and Surveillance to understand its constituents.

Surveyo is the robot responsible for recording, cataloging and indexing all indigenous life on Tera 5 using its massive quantum computer brain to store and organize information.

Surveyo not only keeps track of all indigenous life, but also all BioFilm feeds of the collective Octa-Mind, including all Order of the Octa-Mind members.

Using his army of Octa-Drones as remote sensory agents, Surveyo can catalog and survey all activity in areas of interest. This makes Surveyo the brains of the operation for the Order.


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