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Unicorns: Mythical SciFiDelic Creatures

An original hallucination of Oppenheimer, the Unicorns are powerful mythical beasts flying freely amidst peppermint rainbow skies.

Unicorns find solace in Wazzoolu and SciFiDelica, under the protection and care of the Grand Wazoo. Unicorns produce glitter-like dust that is a powerful hallucinogen that allows subjects to connect into The Source.

Under the right application, this dust is used by the Grand Wazoo to astrally project into The Source. Unicorn dust is also smoked by the G-Nomes out of Unicorn horn pipes. This only adds to not only the mystique of these creatures but their inherent value to the entire SciFiDelica and Wazzoolu ecosystems as a whole.

These creatures are considered very sacred and are held in the highest regard.


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