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Wazzoolu: Magic Castle Lands

Originally hallucinated by Oppenheimer, Wazzoolu is the Magic Castle Lands hosting the Great River of Ale which runs throughout feeding the various exotic creatures and lifeforms including the Munchies, SciFiDelic Flowers, Unicorns, G-Nomes, AlienPede and of course the, the Grand Wazoo.

The Great River of Ale is a tremendously important source of energy and nourishment for all of the plants and creatures of Wazzoolu. The Great Magic Castle lies at the base of this great river where the Grand Wazoo lives watching over all his creatures on behalf of The Source, Oppenheimer.

Wazzoolu lies just behind SciFidelica on the outskirts of Tera 5 which makes it one of the most remote places on the planet. Only way to get to Wazzoolu is to pass through twisted and chaotic forests of SciFidelica, which protects these sacred mystical lands.


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