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What are BONK points?
It's the reward system for completing tasks in The Quest for BONK.

How does it work?
The more tasks you complete, the more BONK points you collect. Collect enough BONK points to unlock the Secret BONK vault for a chance to join the Legion of BONK!

What is the secret BONK vault?
Easter Eggs are hidden somewhere on the website available to those users who participate in the Quest for BONK! These Easter Eggs unlock the Ultimate BONK Challenge.

What is the Ultimate BONK Challenge?
The final stages of the Quest for BONK are where we test your overall aptitude and knowledge to see if you are worthy of the Legion of BONK!

What is the Legion of BONK?
It's our VIP super fan club where you get the opportunity to create a character for a chance to be featured in Series 03.