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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

And Bonk. We always have Bonk.

How much does a series cost?

Each issue is $2.99 and an entire series is $19.95. The first 4 issues of Series 01 is free for everyone and always will be.

Why should I buy a series instead of buying each issue individually?

Each issue is about three bucks so… the math is in your favor if you buy a whole series and binge it all. If you really want to pay more, you can buy them one at a time. Your call. We won’t judge.

Is Cyclone single?

What the Hell. Are you serious?

Where can I score some BONK?

  • Every time you buy some merch, you get 250 BONK.
  • Every time you complete an issue, you score 100 BONK points.
  • Every time you buy a series, you score 500 BONK points.
  • Find the secret BONK vaults and get 1000 BONK points.