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Hallucination Engine is Live!

We’re live!

After literally years of work, Super Geek League’s newest project is live: The Hallucination Engine. Download issue 01 now.

Turning the Super Geek League live shows into an immersive graphic novel with sound and animation was no easy feat. Super Geek League has always been part circus, part rock show, and part mindfuck.

The Hallucination Engine takes this concept further with digital effects and virtual worlds so vast, we had to build an entire Wiki to support the character and species list.

SGL enlisted the talents of Vancouver’s John Gallagher, renowned Design Director for BioWare. John illustrates Super Girl and John’s work also appears in movies such as Once Upon A TimeFalling Skies and Man In the High Castle, Night at the Museum 3Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters and the new Power Rangers, so you know his work is solid.

What to know

Hallucination Engine is a graphic novel where each issue runs like a video, reads like a comic, and looks and sounds like a movie. You can watch Hallucination Engine online or download it as an app on mobiletablet, or desktop. Just choose ‘Add to Home Screen’ on compatible devices.

Where to get it

Watch issue 01 for free. Then you can binge the rest of the series all at once or watch the other issues one at a time. You’re in control.

Download it now