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The League of BONK!

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Cult of Bonk

Welcome to The League of BONK…You proved to be worthy enough to find your way to our tiny little corner in space, so we figured we would share some Pearls of BONK!

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BonkaFesto: The League of BONK

BONK is the life force of the children of Oppenheimer and it is a metaphor for our divine power and gifts within all of us which we can create anytime, anywhere, with one another or by ourselves. BONK is joy and happiness exploding from one’s soul. Enjoying whatever task, interaction, thought, or feeling in that very moment is the essence of BONK. Oppenheimer is happiest when his children are at play and henceforth so be the same with us and our divine source.

BONK is in endless abundance when one is connected to their purpose. Understanding purpose is very simple, yet extraordinarily challenging since much of our imprinting, conditioning, and programming happens during our childhood and is not of the divine, but from external forces such as education, media, peers, etc. We are conditioned to destroy our ability to generate BONK and share BONK so we can instead conform and fall in line with the technocratic reality created for us. BONK knows no bounds, it knows no control or limits. It doesn’t abide by a system of measurement or control and it doesn’t have an affiliation or an agenda. It just simply is. Understanding the power of play, the power of connection to one’s surroundings, and the feeling of pure joy and bliss is the essence of BONK!

This doesn’t happen though machines. It cannot happen through machines. This is a false reality. The feelings of “happiness” are programmed to trigger dopamine in your brain for a quick fix so that you crave more. An endless feedback loop that only reinforces the need for more recognition, more clicks, and more likes. Often fleeting, leaving you with that insatiable thirst that can never be fully quenched. That is why you spend so much time in front of these machines that track, analyze and program you daily, hourly, constantly learning and growing smarter, while we grow dumber, more dependent, and less productive to the point of being “non-essential”.

Technology is useful but in the wrong hands (which is almost always the case), it becomes a weapon. Everything you post to your beloved FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc., become the property of the technocracy to be bought and sold, against your will, without your consent. The people running these companies do not care about you or your rights. You are a bug to them. You are “non-essential” and therefore expendable. This is the way of the technocracy. It is designed to keep you locked into the program and control you. Not the other way around. You are not in control.

The operating paradigm for this ruling Technocracy is to use Artificial Intelligence to program you sending you notification like dog treats in a Pavlovian experiment. All you do is OBEY the box, you take it everywhere you go. You feel naked with it and panic when it is not near… “did I miss something?” You are a slave to this technology that is only learning, getting smarter, dramatically increasing its intelligence to eventually achieve singularity. Place your fingerprints and scan your face so the machine can tabulate biometric data, measuring and mimicking your emotions, knowing everything about you and where you live, how you live, etc.

Therefore, If you are BONK, you need not talk about it this A.I. controlled propaganda platform, for they, much like the Disgustoids, will ultimately seek to control BONK. The true power of BONK is understanding and awakening in the relationship to your source, your purpose, understanding the power of personal sovereignty and freedom. Truly awakening and activating our BONK centers and connecting with other “clowns” who are at play, even at work, who understand the purpose and drive to execute said purpose with pure joy and contentment. By doing so we generate BONK and inspire those who do not understand to perhaps do the same.

There is no need or place for capturing or recording. We have lost our way in mindlessly sharing every aspect of our experience to desperately attempt to seek approval from others. If you are of BONK, you do not seek such a drug. You do not seek such feedback from Artificial Intelligence. You simply do and share if it is of purpose and intent, free of approval or ratings. These feedback mechanisms are designed to program and condition you to validate your existence which by definition is disconnected. The only validation is the production of BONK.

You found your way here so perhaps you are worthy enough to carry out the mission of BONK to save ourselves from our demise at the hands of the Dr. HYM’s and BioPhlemix’s of the world creating their technocracy while mitigating, controlling and ultimately destroying the rest of us who are “non-essential”. We are all essential. We are all BONK. This is an ongoing dynamic list of principals to BONK. Hopefully, we can walk the walk and not talk the talk.

Say yes to actual gatherings. Put your phone away and engage with another human being. Trust me, they are just as uncomfortable as you are since they too have been living in this control grid conditioned to stare at machines and screens.

Getting back to our childlike fascination and engagement with the world around us, not through machines but outside the box (literally) and amongst one another engaging, interacting, doing shit. We are social creatures by design and yet we are not only being cut off from one another through technology, but we are being trained to fear one another to the point of turning into hermits. This is unhealthy and ultimately bad for us all.

DIY at a grassroots organic level. This means building actual connections with your community around you, with your neighbors, family, and friends. Getting back to grassroots DIY puts the power back into the hands of the people. Free, radical independence, and self-reliance.

Welcome to the League of Bonk! You proved to be worthy enough to find your way to our tiny little corner in space, so we figured we would share some Pearls of BONK!

Now that we have your attention,

  1. You are responsible for yourself. Nobody else is responsible for YOU. So have your own back.
  2. Nobody is coming to save you. So save yourself.
  3. There are no gurus. Stop idolizing people and creating false gods. The great wizard behind the curtain is just another snake-oil salesman.
  4. If you want something, put your pants on and do work. Yes, it means work.
  5. There are no shortcuts and if there are, then you better be wary and proceed with caution.
  6. Don’t be a fucking prick. If you don’t know what this means, then skip #22.
  7. Don’t trust what the machine tells you. They do not care about you.
  8. It’s an exclusive club and we ain’t in it.
  9. If someone is claiming to be the savior and have all the answers, they more than likely created the problem in the first place.
  10. Learn how to be self-reliant. Grow your food, filter your water, cook your meals, and take your own medicine.
  11. Learn how to use a firearm. Those who cannot defend themselves are conquered.
  12. Support localization. It’s all about the small collections and communities. The Big machines and corporations are gobbling everything up and once they do (and most already have) they will own you (and already do).
  13. You have a brain so use it. Do your research.
  14. Turn off your TV and your social bullshit machines and read a book.
  15. The most dangerous weapon in the world is the ability to critically think and to question.
  16. Understand that everyone doesn’t think or believe in what you do, so get over it.
  17. No, just because you believe you’re right doesn’t make everyone else wrong.
  18. Yep it’s a game and the game is rigged, but others are managing, so figure it out.
  19. Take pride in your craft. Don’t matter what it is, just don’t suck. There is plenty of mediocrity to go around. Mediocrity never produces BONK.
  20. Just cause you’re special, doesn’t mean shit unless you do something with it.
  21. IF you catch yourself playing the victim card, STOP immediately and revert to #1.
  22. Have fun and enjoy whatever it is you do. The key to BONK. As long as you’re not hurting people along the way.
  23. A person who people can trust is a trustworthy person. It’s pretty simple.
  24. Do what you say and say what you mean.
  25. Excuses are like assholes, everyone has got one and they tend to only produce shit.
  26. You operate the greatest machine in the universe, so take care of it.
  27. Evil exists and it is in control, but there is a lot of good, so be one of the good ones. Be BONK worthy.
  28. Random Acts of Kindness are fucking rad. Try it sometime.
  29. Put the damn phone down. Go outside and play. Guaranteed BONK generator!
  30. Embrace the challenge and mistakes.
  31. Failure is the feedback that you need to make adjustments or change course. Nothing more.
  32. You create opportunities so make sure you’re prepared.
  33. Develop routines to establish discipline.
  34. You can’t drive forward looking in the rear-view mirror so stop worrying about the past.
  35. Figure out what it is you want to do and then proceed to do it. If you don’t figure it out, life will figure it out for you and you probably won’t like it.
  36. Take a moment, sit down, and write out the things you want. This will provide your treasure map to follow to producing BONK.
  37. Set a destination. Your life is a journey just like a road trip so map that shit out. If you get diverted along the way (and you will), then re-route and proceed. That’s the exciting part.
  38. It’s healthy to have disagreements and to be challenged so stop taking it personally.
  39. We don’t care what you’re eating so stop taking pictures man, seriously.
  40. Your social network is not your friends. It’s just other people starving for attention and returning the favor.
  41. The ones who care about you are the ones that annoy you and you tend to take for granted. Weird right?
  42. Own your bullshit and admit when you’re wrong.
  43. Ain’t no such thing as get rich quick and even if you do, take a look around you and count how many friends you have left.
  44. Most people are in a trance by design. Wake the fuck up and figure it out.
  45. Make your bed every morning. Set the tone for the action.
  46. If you’re lucky enough to find people that genuinely care about you. Hang on to them and don’t be an idiot.
  47. Don’t expect shit from others, you will only be disappointed.
  48. Give your shirt off your back to those in need and don’t expect it returned.
  49. If you got something to say, say it to someone’s face. Don’t hide behind your keyboard.
  50. Say yes to dancing all the time, anytime. Guaranteed BONK!
  51. If you see someone smiling, smile back, and acknowledge.
  52. Say hello to strangers and stop being afraid of each other. This is what the machines want.
  53. Laugh as much as possible. Especially at yourself.
  54. Laughter is BONK!
  55. Make it your mission to laugh daily. Find an excuse.
  56. Create a laughing group. Find some peeps to gather in random places to create a laughing circle. Instant BONK!
  57. Imagination is critical so please use it.
  58. What others think of you is none of your business, so don’t make it your business.
  59. Always trust your gut.
  60. Record and celebrate your dreams.
  61. Meditate.
  62. Focus on developing your reality. Make it the way you want, but don’t get all pissy when others don’t comply. None of your business.
  63. Remember, those in charge are lying to you. All the time. No exceptions.
  64. Be a leader. Don’t just follow the masses cause that’s what everyone else is doing, especially when it makes no sense or feels off.
  65. Be a warrior of the light and for good.